Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Each referral earns you 1 point.
You get a one-time 15 point sign-up bonus as soon as you join, and get 5 points for completing per profile category.
Yes, for some polls, you get a chance to earn extra rewards but not all. Polls help you keep active in the system and that increases your chances of getting surveys.

Survey companies usually act on behalf of large corporations looking to survey people to help them develop a new product or service or improve an existing one. Without this valuable information the company cannot know what consumers really think, and what matters to them.

Yes! There are some surveys that ask for registration fees, however no legitimate company will ever do this. We do not recommend you pay money for registration. If you stick to the surveys that we list, then you’re safe and good to go.
No, it is not true, thousands of real people make money with surveys every day and they are widely recognized as a legitimate source of extra income by hundreds of trustworthy sources online. In brief: – There is no such thing as “get rich quick” online, although surveys cost nothing, they do cost your time and you are providing valuable information towards company’s market research.  Marketing the wrong product to the wrong people, in the wrong way can cost companies millions, so it makes sense for them to spend out on paid surveys to understand what consumers really think. – Sadly, survey scams do exist, but these are the minority – Like most ways of making money online, there is always someone who will try to scam ordinary people out of their hard-earned money.  Surveys are no different, however fortunately the number of scams has reduced in recent years. Most of the common survey scams are those that ask new users to pay to register, or sites that sell your personal information to other people. Here’s how to avoid this: Never pay to register to a panel – Legitimate survey sites will NOT ask you for any money to register, as you make them money! Make sure to read the terms and conditions/privacy policy of the company you register to so you can be sure that they keep your personal information safe. Any legitimate survey company will do that.
We fully understand your worries and you are right to be wary, as you certainly can’t trust everything you read online. There are so many ads online such as: Join here and make $1,000 in 10 days? We don’t make any promises here, nor do legitimate survey sites. The sites we list do not cost any money, so really the bottom line is you’ll never find out for yourself until you try it, no matter what you read here or anywhere else online, it’s totally up to you. We aren’t here to force you into any decisions, or try to manipulate your decision, we just want to provide upfront, honest information that you can use in your own decision making.
'Xcel Global Panel' connects you with a wide range of companies and organizations that are looking for your views and opinions. By taking part in these surveys, you will be helping them develop new products and services or improve existing ones. The survey topics can range from Automobiles to Zebras, well maybe not Zebras.
The registration is free after which the members will receive survey questionnaires matching his/her status from us and we reward the answers with points. Your points can be redeemed for all kinds of gifts or cash rewards provided by us.
The registration in 'Xcel Global Panel' is completely free and voluntary and the procedure is as below: Step 1: Account Setup Step 2: Basic Information Fill in This procedure only takes minutes and after the successful registration you will obtain the right to participate in all kinds of survey activities on our Website & App.
Being from any place of the country and over 18, no gender limitation.
Mainly we secure the information of our members in the following 2 aspects: Firstly, in the agreements: 'Xcel Global Panel' promises you that all your information without your personal authorization will not be provided to any third party. Secondly, in the technology: the private information concerning your passwords, mobile numbers, email etc. will be encrypted to ensure that your personal information is secured.
Any 'Xcel Global Panel' member must abide by the following rules: a. Free and Voluntary Membership Registration The membership registration in 'Xcel Global Panel' is completely on your own will and any native netizen who has reached 18 has the right to register in 'Xcel Global Panel' . b. Detailed and Real Registration Information All the registering users must fill in real accurate personal information and no fabricating or using information of someone else in registration is allowed. We strictly verify the unreal information and if any is found we will clean all his/her points. Only members with real personal information obtain the final payment confirmation. c. Carefulness and Liability in Activity Participation In different activities we provide, all the registered members must abide by the promises and carefully answer each question based on actuality or otherwise we will bring punishment such as points deletion, account deletion or etc. according to seriousness. d.  Acceptation of Email Invitation as a Must Based on the personal information you fill in; survey invitations will be sent to your registration account and we hope you respond right after receiving to participate. Each survey invitation has its quota, and your response decides whether our next one will be sent to you or not. Those who do not respond for over 10 times will be put into the inactive list and the system will automatically delete the accounts. Your responding speed decides whether you will receive more surveys or otherwise you will miss many surveys with high rewarding points and lucky draws we hold to reward the members. e. No Spam Mail in Inviting Members Each registered user has a unique designated inviting link which you can send to your friends or relatives whose participation will bring more benefit to you. You will obtain rewarding points of a certain proportion from the surveys they take part in with the prerequisite that the invited members are real and valid (meaning that the registration information is real and valid, and they have at least participated in one 'Xcel Global Panel' survey questionnaire), abiding by the rules and laws and no spamming. 'Xcel Global Panel' alliance popularization members are not allowed to cheat other netizens by fake information in propagating 'Xcel Global Panel' and for any of those propagating promises without the consent of 'Xcel Global Panel' we are not responsible. f. Mandatory Realness and Validity of Payment Accounts In order to reduce the payment quantity of the payment personnel, we have set gifts with different payment types which our personnel execute within 15 days. Any payment failure caused by any error of the personal account information will not be dealt again by 'Xcel Global Panel' and the points will not be refunded in the failure. g. Rule Infringement and Punishment 1. Inconformity between the Information Filled in the Questionnaire and That of Registration 2. Purposely Cheating, Damaging or Stealing of Others’ Accounts 3. Answering Time Being Too Short 4. Answering Carelessly without Judging 5. Cheating Using Technology h. Questionnaire Confidentiality All the registered members must strictly keep the confidentiality of the surveys and are not allowed to publish or resend the answers by any means, copy questionnaire content or answer on other’s behalf without authorization. Any unauthorized copy or transfer of questionnaire content with reserved copy rights will bear legal liability.
If you have registered and not received our account activation email, we suggest you check your spam folder, if still not received then we recommand you change your email to e.g.,,, and other commonly used email boxes for registration in case that you fail to receive our all kinds of invitations or emergency notices. If there is any failure in receiving, please email us.
The account cancellation can be done any time after which all the information will be deleted and if you want to join again, please register again.
Becoming a member is easy and free! All you have to do is create an account and you can get started. There is a two way verfication process for registration. You need to enter both your Email ID and Mobile number. We will share unique OTP codes on both of these. The double opt-in process is designed to make sure legitmate use of the content and sources. Be sure to check your junk/ spam mail as well as your regular inbox and add us to your safe senders list.
Anyone over the age of 18 years is welcome to join 'Xcel Global Panel'. You can register on our website -
Don’t worry, forgotten passwords happen to the best of us! You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgotten/ Reset password?’ link at login. Once you’ve provided your email address (the one you registered with) we’ll send an email with instructions for resetting your password.
Yes, you can. Please follow below steps to do so: - Click on - 'Invite a friend' - Click on orange icon - 'Invite' - Copy the link & send it to your friends - Upon each successful signup by your referral you get 1 point
You are only allowed to register for one account. If we discover you’re running more than one 'Xcel Global Panel' account, all of your accounts may be closed, and you may be permanently blocked from our service and all points forfeited.
If you haven’t logged in and completed an activity in the last 12 months, your 'Xcel Global Panel' account will be considered inactive and may be closed. When your account is determined to be inactive, you forfeit your rewards balance and most of your valuable profile information. The reason we pause your account is due to the inherent value of your profile. Your profile is a personal asset that you have built and refined over time. By not engaging in over a year, we assume your profile data is not current and that you’re not interested in continuing to build this profile with us. Before your balance is forfeited, you will receive emails inviting you to log in and confirm your account is still active. If you don’t respond to these by logging in and participating, your account will be deemed inactive and may be closed.
You cannot unsubscribe from transactional emails due to these being a requirement for the continuation of your account. If you do not wish to receive daily reminders on the activities available in your account, you can change the frequency within the settings tab of your account. If you would like to discontinue your account and cease all communications and dealings with 'Xcel Global Panel' you can close your account at any time.
'Xcel Global Panel' activities are a combination of paid activities and quick interactions that help build your profile. *Profile update activities These are quick questions that help you complete your profile. They add lots of value to your profile, you also receive points for answering these. The more profile update questions you complete, the more paid opportunities you receive. Plus, they’re super-quick to complete. *Paid surveys These are earning opportunities to you. These include surveys. The more surveys you participate in, the more complete your profile becomes. And when your profile is rich and complete, it means we can send you even more relevant surveys. *Polls These are quick questions that add lots of value to your profile, you do not receive points for answering these. The more polls you participate in, the more paid opportunities you receive. Plus, they’re super-quick to answer. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to answer a few questions each day. Every single answer you give adds value to your profile that leads to more paid surveys.
The payment for surveys varies depending on the length and type of survey. In some cases, you will also be paid a small screener fee in the event that you fail to meet the criteria for a survey. Each survey will tell you how much you could get paid before you take part in it. Within your feed we’ve also introduced simple, mobile-friendly profile update questions so you can easily build your profile, even while you’re on the go. These allow you to interact and answer questions by clicking on each feed tile. Although you may not get paid for each profile update question, every response will help connect you to more groups and paid surveys.
Surveys are matched to relevant people based on their profile information. While we can’t promise you a certain number of surveys each week, the more information you share and connect with your 'Xcel Global Panel', the more opportunities you have to have surveys matched to you.
The emails you receive are reminders ONLY for surveys that may still be available, however, these are made obtainable to thousands of members at a time and can fill up extremely fast. Given these are reminders in real-time it’s possible an activity may only need a handful of remaining respondents and can be why the survey is filled as quickly as you have received the given invite. The best way to ensure you reach a survey in its early stages or you don’t miss out completely is to log in as regularly and continue to refresh your feed for new surveys popping up.
A VPN (virtual private network) is a service that encrypts your internet traffic data. The VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all the data you send or receive to us which may fail some of our security checks on activities where this may be a requirement. If you are using a VPN or think the network connection, you are on has it enabled please switch it off/ try a different network source when participating with 'Xcel Global Panel'.
We’re always working to fix technical errors. If you completed a paid survey and believe you didn’t get points for it, please contact us at (note : make this a hyperlink) Remember to include as much information about the survey as you can, including the name, ID, potential earning points, or any details about the survey topic and what went wrong.
Your transactions will display any transactional history for all the surveys you have participated in.  Access this by clicking transactions in the left-hand menu.
Some studies are more complex than others and as such their screening sections may contain more questions than you deem usual before you qualify for the main questionnaire. We do try to keep screening questions to a minimum, however in some instances simple demographic questions are not enough to ensure our clients have the right audience. Should a screening section go beyond the realms of fairness for the standard payment, we will ensure the screener fee is increased accordingly.
Some 'Xcel Global Panel' surveys will have restrictions in place when attempting to participate outside of your country of registration. This could be enabled for a number of reasons for e.g., fraudulent security protocols, questions within an activity related to real-time locational stamps, geo-locational tracking or marking etc. Please do note it’s against our Terms of Service to register an account under a country you do not reside in. If you are registered to your country of residence and are travelling, we advise resuming participation with 'Xcel Global Panel', once you are back from your leave.
Before reaching out to our customer support team, please attempt the following for resolution: 1. Save the link/ URL of the activity in order to re-access 2. Clear your cache/cookies 3. Paste the link/ URL into a new window (ensuring the link is pasted as is, with no edits or spaces) 4. Ensure you are using the latest version of your browsers on a device with flash installed If the above steps do not work, try an alternate browser and/or device.
The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to your 'Xcel Global Panel' account. It’s where you’ll find all your activities and get quick access to your transaction survey and rewards options.
Your profile is a part of an interactive dashboard. The more you interact with your dashboard, the more personalized your profile becomes. You can find all your available profile surveys under the ‘Profile’ tab.
When you first log in, you’ll see your dashboard. It contains profile update questions and earning opportunities matched to you. If you’re new to 'Xcel Global Panel', you’ll see mainly profile update questions in your dashboard. Click on them to give your answers and build your profile. The more profile questions you complete, the more groups you’ll be added to. And the more groups you join, the more earning opportunities such as paid surveys you’ll receive. If you’ve been a 'Xcel Global Panel' member for a while, you may have already completed most or all your profile questions, so you’ll see more surveys in your dashboard. Each piece of content in your dashboard will tell you the type of activity it is, how much you could earn for taking part and how long it will take to complete. Simply click on the tiles to participate.
Groups are built around the common attributes that 'Xcel Global Panel' members share. Based on your answers to profile questions, you’ll be placed into groups of people who share your interests and preferences. There are groups for all kinds of people: ‘Main Grocery Buyers’, ‘Owns a Dog’, ‘Eats Out at Restaurants’. There’s even a group for people who ‘Don’t Eat Cereal’. So, what’s the point of all these groups? Groups are useful because they allow brands to connect directly with customers who care about their products and consider their content relevant. The more comprehensive your profile is, the more groups you can be in. Being in the right groups means you’ll receive more earning opportunities that are tailored to you – so you’re bound to enjoy them even more!
You might notice your dashboard is showing questions you might have already answered in the past. You’re being asked to update your answers to certain questions so we can ensure your profile is accurate and reflects recent events in your life, such as moving house, changing job or getting married. This means the content and activities you receive will be relevant and optimized for you.
Your full profile makeup will occur automatically through repeated campaigns at differing intervals depending on the topic or subject in question and based on the date of your last provided answer. Further topics and questions will appear as you complete more of your profile and join further groups. If you feel an important piece of your profile needs to be corrected, updated, or altered please reach out to our support team for help and guidance.
Your account balance is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the page, just next to your name and profile picture.
Once your account reaches the minimum requirement, click on the Rewards in the menu bar to the left of your dashboard to select your preferred redemption method and follow the prompts.
Depending on which country you live in, you can exchange your earnings for different reward options. Paytm account, Gift cards, movie tickets etc. We’re always looking for new reward partners, if you have a good idea or would like to see something available to your region, please reach out to our support team and provide your inputs.
You may redeem between 100 to 500 points in one transaction for Paytm or Gift card redemptions. The minimum redemption can be done once you have 100 points. Maximum redemption limit allowed in a day is for 500 points.
Paytm redemptions can take up to 7 business days (not including weekends or public holidays) to be processed and deposited into your account. Gift Cards take up to 10 days, and you will be given your e-voucher.
The reason could be, you have not allowed enough time for us to process your request. Depending on the reward option you select it may take us a few days to organize transfers, these time periods are shown to you at time of selection. If you’ve still received no redemption, this could be due to details where there could be a small error in your information. Unfortunately, we can’t detect this mistake until we’ve tried to process the request and it has got rejected.
Follow the steps below - - Click on redemption and then on redemption history - Click on eye icon under action column to review your voucher code
We collect only the information you choose to share with us. You decide what profile information you want to complete. The three broad types of information we collect are: * Information you directly provide us; * information about your use and interaction with 'Xcel Global Panel'; and * information collected through the platform, applications, third parties or other websites. Your profile information is stored in our cloud server system and is protected behind a powerful firewall. All sensitive data is highly encrypted and is only ever connected to your member ID to ensure high-level security for all your information. You can learn more about how it’s done in our Privacy Policy.
When you participate in a survey, the responses you submit are provided to businesses as anonymous data. We never provide answers or profile information to businesses in a way that would allow you to be personally identified (unless you provide us express permission to do so). We also use the data we collect to maintain and constantly improve your 'Xcel Global Panel' experience. Your information helps customize the content, campaigns, surveys, and insights you see in your profile. The more you interact with your profile, the more relevant surveys you’ll be invited to participate in.
Your profile information is stored in our cloud server system that is protected behind a powerful firewall. All sensitive data is highly encrypted and is only ever connected to your Member ID to ensure high-level security for all your information. Read our Privacy Policy for more information. Our Privacy Policy ensures that the responses you submit during an activity are provided to businesses in a de-identified format. We will never provide your responses or profile information to businesses in a way that would allow you to be personally identified (unless you provide us express permission to do so).
'Xcel Global Panel' hates spam as much as you do. We don’t send spam, nor do we allow any businesses or individuals to engage in spam activity through our service. All messages sent via 'Xcel Global Panel' are assessed for their authenticity and relevance to you. As part of this process, we do not permit businesses to send messages unless there is direct consent by yourself.